The White Line

The White Line

The White Line

Foundation Launch: The White Line

Foundation Launch: The White Line

Foundation Launch: The White Line

DECEMBER 5, 2023


BOULDER, CO — Announcing Lives Worth Remembering: Magnus White. The first part of a powerful film series that documents the love, grief, and anguish experienced by Magnus's family throughout the ongoing four-month investigation since he was tragically struck and killed. Watch the 10 min teaser film here:

The film series is one part of the initiatives of THE WHITE LINE, an inspiring new non-profit organization created to celebrate the enduring spirit and love for life embodied by Magnus White, a dedicated 17-year-old U.S. National Team cyclist who was struck and killed by a driver while training in his hometown. Magnus White's legacy transcends his recognition as a rising cycling talent; he was the ever-smiling Magnus, whose devotion to family, friends, and the sheer joy of living left an unforgettable impact on those around him. THE WHITE LINE is accepting donations immediately.

Michael White, Magnus’s father, expressed the organization's commitment, saying, "Because of the generous donations we received from Magnus’s GoFundMe, we are able to launch the foundation with funds. THE WHITE LINE is more than a tribute; it's a commitment to fostering a community where cyclists can pursue their passion safely, with the spirit of Magnus as our guiding light. We invite everyone to join us in celebrating life, inspiration, and the joy of cycling. We hope to partner with organizations outside of cycling to help make our roads safer for all users.”

Our Mission:

To preserve, honor, and use the legacy of Magnus White to inspire cyclists globally, to support their development, to raise awareness of bicycle and automobile safety, and create change for safer cycling environments.

Our Vision:

A nation where cycling is a safe and treasured sport. Where people can bike on a safety-first infrastructure, where everyone respects the white line. Where youth are encouraged to foster the same love for life and cycling that Magnus so effortlessly radiated. Where they can be inspired to ride and compete in a local race, a national championship, or an international competition.

Our Initiatives:

  • The Power and Freedom of Bike Riding is Real

    • Magnus wants us to ride our bikes. We aim to get more kids on bikes and to help more kids race. 

  • Increase Awareness of The White Line

    • We are committed to raising awareness that improves bicycle safety through advertising campaigns and advocacy.

  • Lives Worth Remembering

    • A film series to pay tribute to fallen riders, celebrating the vibrant and dynamic lives they lived and the profound impact they had on their communities.

To learn more about THE WHITE LINE, its initiatives, or how to support the cause, visit

Media Contact:

Lisa Munro

‪(720) 310-0638‬

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