Orion Ascent 2024

Orion Ascent 2024

Orion Ascent 2024

Anticipating the Pinnacle of Innovation at Orion Ascent 2024

Anticipating the Pinnacle of Innovation at Orion Ascent 2024

Anticipating the Pinnacle of Innovation at Orion Ascent 2024

March 2024 marks a significant milestone for UI Charitable Advisors as we eagerly prepare to attend the much-anticipated Orion Ascent Conference in the vibrant city of San Diego. This gathering of minds, set against the backdrop of innovation and collaboration, promises to be a crucible for transformative ideas and groundbreaking strategies in the finance and technology sectors. Our enthusiasm for this event is not just about participation and sponsorship; it is about the immense potential it holds for shaping the future of the financial services industry and philanthropy.

A Meeting of Visionaries

The Orion Ascent Conference is renowned for bringing together thought leaders, innovators, and experts from diverse fields, creating a unique melting pot of ideas and perspectives. For UI Charitable Advisors, this represents an unparalleled opportunity to engage in forefront of financial technology and strategic philanthropy. The conference's agenda, brimming with keynotes, workshops, and panels, is meticulously designed to foster learning, inspiration, and actionable insights.

The San Diego Experience

San Diego, with its scenic beauty and vibrant culture, offers the perfect setting for an event that seeks to blend professional growth with personal rejuvenation. The city's atmosphere of innovation and its reputation as a hub for tech startups resonate with the spirit of the Orion Ascent Conference. UI Charitable Advisors looks forward to not only the formal sessions but also the informal networking opportunities that the city's ambiance facilitates.

Fostering Collaborative Synergies

One of the core reasons UI Charitable Advisors is excited about the Orion Ascent Conference is the potential for forging new partnerships with financial advisors and deepening existing relationships. The conference's diverse attendee list, including financial advisors and wealth stack solutions providers, provides a fertile ground for collaborative synergies that can lead to innovative solutions for portfolio management and philanthropic strategy. We are particularly keen on exploring conversations that can enhance client engagement, streamline philanthropic processes, and maximize the impact of charitable investments.

Embracing Technological Advancements

At the heart of the Orion Ascent Conference is a focus on technological advancements and the wealth stack that are reshaping the financial industry. UI Charitable Advisors is committed to staying at the cutting edge of these developments, ensuring that our strategies and services are informed by the latest tools and trends. From blockchain and AI to data analytics, we anticipate sharing and gaining valuable insights that will empower us to serve advisory clients and their philanthropic goals more effectively.

Educational Opportunities

The conference's rich array of educational sessions is designed to cater to a wide range of interests and expertise levels. UI Charitable Advisors is particularly excited about the workshops that incorporate philanthropic vehicles into portfolio strategies. These sessions promise to provide not only theoretical knowledge but also practical strategies that can be implemented to drive positive social and environmental impact through philanthropy.


The Orion Ascent Conference in March 2024 is more than just an event for UI Charitable Advisors; it's a beacon for progress, collaboration, and innovation. As we prepare to immerse ourselves in this experience, our goals are clear: to connect, to share, and to evolve. We believe that the insights and relationships forged at this conference will be instrumental in enhancing our services, empowering advisory clients, and ultimately contributing to a more equitable and sustainable world. San Diego, here we come, ready to ascend to new heights of charitable advising and philanthropic impact.

CLICK HERE for more information about Orion Ascent taking place in San Diego March 12-15, 2024. Use the discount code PARTNER24, valid for $100 off attendee registration. Valid until registration closes on February 12, 2024.

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