A Thousand Grants

A Thousand Grants

A Thousand Grants

Reaching Milestones and Making an Impact

Reaching Milestones and Making an Impact

Reaching Milestones and Making an Impact

In the Spring of  2023, UI Charitable Advisors processed its thousandth grant. This donation of $100,000 was given by donors to PORCH Hillsborough, a hyperlocal nonprofit addressing food insecurity in Hillsborough and North Orange County, North Carolina.

For the donor, this donation hit close to home. As a resident of the Hillsborough area, she took note as friends, neighbors, and employees volunteered at PORCH and saw firsthand the nonprofit’s fight against intensified food insecurity during COVID-19. 

One of the employees at their pharmaceutical company volunteered for PORCH Hillsborough and introduced them to its director, Linda Leikin. “The quality of access to nutritional food is at the heart of our mission,” said Leikin.“It’s not just a food issue; it’s a social issue as well.” 

In addition to hosting food drives and operating food banks, PORCH Hillsborough provides a healthy snack program for public schools and partners with local farmers to supply eggs, meat, and fresh produce to families in need. With this $100,000 grant, PORCH Hillsborough plans to increase its scope and families’ access to food. 

“Just the idea of tackling food insecurity—it’s so fundamental,” the donor said. “It seemed so clear-cut and obvious to me that when you address people’s need for food, you’re doing the right thing in the world.”

When the donors sold their pharmaceutical business, a year ago, they knew they wanted to focus on giving, but didn’t know where to start. Their wealth advisor at Balentine connected them to the UI Donor-Advised Fund. 

“It was pivotal,” the donor said, “because now we have a vehicle for doing the things we want to with experts in the realm of giving and in the realm of nonprofits.” 

They plan to continue supporting local organizations. Their 18-year-old son also volunteers at PORCH Hillsborough, helping him see how his family’s philanthropy is helping their community. 

“It’s so exciting to wake up and face the day knowing that I am doing something that directly helps another human being, something that’s improving the qualitative energy in the world,” the donor said. “There is no vacation, no material thing that can inspire my existence in this way. It’s real.” 

PORCH Hillsborough is part of the larger nonprofit, PORCH Communities.

Click here to check for  PORCH communities near you. 

Visit the Food Research and Action Center for other organizations tackling food insecurity. 

UI Charitable Advisors is here to help you in your giving journey.

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